Cain And Abel

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Always watching, always waiting.
The real you is the person you are when you're alone;
But you are never really alone.
There is always someone watching,
He's the master of day and night.
When the time comes, it will be evident.
When the time comes, the seat next to him will be open.
You don't own anything, you never did, not even your own soul.
But he has all you've ever wanted and all you will ever become.
It doesn't matter who you were or who you are,
All that matters is who you strive to be.
But he has all you've ever wanted and all you will become.
You are forever in his society, his loving arms,
Always receiving.
He is your answer.
He is your answer when you are in need of help,
He is your north star in times of hopelessness.
Never give up, no matter what,
Because you're not just doing it for yourself, you're doing it for him.
He is your answer,
You're doing it for him.

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